What is Shochu “Mishimamura”?

It is an authentic sweet potato Shochu brewed by a public institution in Kuroshima, Mishima Village, Kagoshima Prefecture. The people of Kuroshima are engaged in production using raw materials from Kuroshima.

Purchase Shochu “Mishimamura”

Shochu “Mishimamura” can be purchased at “Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura”.Orders by mail and phone are also available. You can also purchase it with hometown tax too.

Brewery Tour

Would you like to come to visit
“Misima Shochu Muku no Kura”?

You can also visit the brewery “Muku no Kura”, which brews Shochu, “Mishimamura”!
Staffs in the brewery will welcome you and explain about Shochu breweries and Kuroshima.
They may not be available if you don’t have any reservation.Please make a reservation and feel free to contact us If you have any questions.

What is Mishima village like?

Mishima Village consists of 3 islands, Takeshima, Io-jima and Kuroshima, which are scattered on the sea about 40 kilometers south of the Satsuma Peninsula. Each island has different characteristics.

Stay in Mishima Village