May 1, 2019:
Locally Produced, First Release Shochu "Mishimamura"

May 1, 2019:
Locally Produced, First Release Shochu "Mishimamura"

May 1, 2019:
Locally Produced, First Release Shochu "Mishimamura"

Found on the southern ocean of the Satsuma Peninsula Mishima-mura consists of 3 islands, Takeshima, Iwo Jima and Kuro-shima; with a population of about 370. In the harsh environment of the remote islands, the pure nature and the passion of the village people with pure hearts and young brewers to revitalize the village, produced this Shochu. It is an authentic Shochu brewed by "Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura", and it's rare to be brewed in public brewery in Japan.

Kuroshima Sweet Potato (Beniotome)

Sweet potatoes have been cultivated as the main food on the island for a long time.

In a harsh environment with many typhoons, "Beniotome" are grown on sloped fields.
The sweetness of the sweet potato makes Shochu "Mishimamura" sweeter and easier to drink.
The senior citizens' association and farmers play a central role in important tasks such as planting and harvesting potatoes.
Shochu "Mishimamura" contains the pure feelings of everyone involved in Mishima Village.

Kuroshima's abundant water resources

As symbolized by its magnificent rocks, waterfalls and abundant forests, Kuroshima has abundant water resources.

Good quality water is essential for making tasty Shochu.
The water on Kuroshima Island, an old volcanic island, is "soft water" and contains a good balance of minerals, making it palatable and delicious for Japanese people.
The water that contains plenty of the blessings of the earth brings out the sweetness and fragrance of the Shochu, "Mishimamura". It contains the pure feelings of everyone.

Shochu "Mishimamura" Product Lineup

Authentic Shochu brewed by public established "Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura".

Please enjoy sweet fragrance of sweet potato "Beniotome" produced in Kuroshima of Mishima village and pure taste of delicious water from Kuroshima.

Shochu "Mishimamura" is available at Mishima Village.

Release Date
May 1st, 2019
Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura
Sweet potato (From Mishima-mura, Kagoshima Prefecture), malted rice (domestic rice)
Alcohol Content
25 degrees

Hamada Shuzou Tasting Comment

HAMADA Shuzou recently conducted an evaluation with sake tasters. We have compiled comments on sake quality from 12 sake tasters.
The fresh fragrance of herbs and mint that reminds you of the ocean and mountains of Mishima is suitable for Mishima's pure island. When you put it in your mouth, you can enjoy the soft and fluffy aroma of steamed sweet potatoes, which is unique to sweet potato Shochu. It is characterized by the scent derived from the malt.
When you taste it, you can smell the aroma from the raw material, Beniotome. The aroma contains the sweet fragrance like cotton candy, and floral fragrance like strawberries and cherries. The water from the summit of Kuroshima is soft, sweet, clear and mild. As you can imagine from the influence of this spring, the taste is fluffy, soft and sweet, and it feels thick as if it coats your tongue. In conclusion, it is sharp and the aftertaste is very refreshing.
We hope that everyone will enjoy tasting this Shochu made by brewer Sakamoto and his coworkers in Kuroshima.
(From the comment on tasting of the introduction of Shochu "Mishimamura")

Tour of the Brewery

Mishima Shochu "Muku no Kura" was newly built in the fall of 2018.
Why don't you visit our public Shochu brewery on an isolated island, which is unique in Japan?
The brewer and the regional development cooperation team and other employees are waiting for you!

Process of Shochu Production

1. Making Koji(malted rice)

The production of sweet potato Shochu begins with the process of Koji production. This is the process of propagating Aspergillus on steamed rice.

From a blog post

Rice steaming is important for sweet potato Shochu. Rice steaming is the first step in making Shochu, and it affects all the subsequent steps, so you can never make a mistake!Find out more>>

2. Raw Material Treatment

The production of sweet potato Shochu begins with the process of Koji production.
This is the process of propagating Aspergillus on steamed rice.

From a blog post

I think it is a privilege of the employees of Shochu brewery to be able to eat sweet potatoes, and freshly steamed potatoes are really delicious!! This is an important process called "test tasting".Find out more>>

3. Primary Preparation

Primary unrefined sake is prepared by adding yeast, maintaining the temperature at 25 ~ 30 degrees by stirring occasionally with a paddle stick, this process takes 6 ~ 8 days.

4. Secondary Preparation

Add treated Beniotome and water to primary unrefined sake for secondary preparation. Ferment it for 8 ~ 10 days.

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The elementary school students who visited the brewery described it as "It's like stew!". Find out more>>

5. Distillation

The process of removing the alcohol from the fermented secondary unrefined sake is called "distillation". We heat the unrefined sake and then cool the steam containing alcohol to liquefy.

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You can see unblended sake for the first time after the process of distillation. You can see the unprocessed sake that comes out after a long process from harvesting potatoes to preparation.Find out more>>

6. Filtration and Storage

When distilled unblended sake is stored, excess oil-based components separate and the unblended sake becomes transparent. Large jars mainly are used for storage.

7. Bottling

Bottle, label and box the Shochu at this point.

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In addition to bottling and labeling, various other works are done by hand. So dexterity and physical strength are important.Find out more>>

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