About Purchase of Shochu “Mishimamura”

Shochu “Mishima Mura” – Mendon can be purchased at the liquor stores in Kuroshima, Iwo Co. Ltd. and “Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura” in Iwojima. Mail sales is also available, so feel free to call us.

Iwojima : Iwo Co. Ltd.Kuroshima : Yonemori Liquor StoreKuroshima : Sugiyama Liquor StoreKuroshima : Mishima Shochu “Muku no Kura”Ferry Mishima

Iwo Co. Ltd.
Mail Sales Available

(C/O Mishima Development Center) 90-61 Iwojima Mishima-mura, Kagoshima-gun, Kagoshima-ken
090-5926-9649 (This is the cell phone number of Mr. Takashi Yasunaga, president of Iwo Co. Ltd.)

Yonemori Liquor Store
Mail Sales Available

20 Kuroshima, Mishima-mura, Kagoshima-gun

Sugiyama Liquor Store
Mail Sales Available

45 Kuroshima, Mishima-mura, Kagoshima-gun

Mishima Shochu “Muku no Kura”
Tour / Tasting Available

204 -1 Kuroshima, Mishima-mura, Kagoshima-gun

Ferry Mishima

Honkoshin-machi, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture (Port and waiting area)

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Hometown Tax Payment

You can buy Shochu “Mishimamura” by hometown tax payment.
This is one of messages from people who bought by hometown tax payment. *Only those who have agreed to the publication are listed (No particular order, titles omitted)

Takeshima Katsumaro (Chiba)

My parents were teachers in Kuroshima until the 1960s, and were the inspiration of “I won’t forget” which Sawako Ariyoshi published in Asahi Shimbun. I lived on the island until my junior high school days, and I became very nostalgic. I wanted to have some kind of connection to the island so I took up the home town tax payment.

Takano Hisa (Yamanashi)

I wanted to do anything I could to help Mishima village where my favorite Satsuma Iwojima is located. I want the natural environment to be preserved forever.

Kawaguchi Ayako (Aomori)

I was assigned as a school teacher for just half a year. it was a really beautiful island with an amazing starry sky and moon, precious ruins, fresh squid and fish and warm people. I have mixed feelings that I want them the village to stay as they are, but I hope further devolvement will contribute to the island’s charm.

Kozaki Fumi (Tokyo)

I visited Iwoiima for the first time this year! I was impressed by the natural beauty, the untouched splendour of the sea, and the spectacular hot spring. I will visit again in autumn and plan to visit again next year. I would like to make a donation to say thank you for my experience after visiting the beautiful island and the sea, and I hope it can be of help.