Message from the Mayor of Mishima Village

The village started this project to build an authentic potato shochu brewery in Kuroshima, Mishima Village I in 2018 and began brewing on May 1st 2019. Thanks to the support of Hamada Shuzou Co., Ltd., the national and prefectural governments, we were able to produce this product. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the many residents of the island, including the senior citizens’ association in Osato, for their understanding and cooperation during the project.”Mishima Shochu Project” which produces sweet potato Shochu in this village is a part of regional revitalization programe, and Mishima is working as a pillar of regional revitalization by creating employment opportunities, bring new permanent residents to the village, creating a sense of purpose for the elderly, and attracting tourism. Although this village’s Shochu production license limits production within the district to less than 10 kiloliters of Shochu, we will do our best to ensure that this Shochu project gets off the ground and runs independently as soon as possible. The islanders and the government will continue to promote Mishima village as ONE TEAM. We are confident that many people inside and outside Kagoshima Prefecture will like Mishima village’s enthusiastic Shochu “Mishima Village” and Shochu “Mendon”. We would appreciate it if you could support the smallest “Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura” in the prefecture.
On March 2020 Tatsuo Oyama, mayor of Mishima-mura village

Message from the brewer of Mishima Shoshu “Muku no Kura”

Hello, I’m Sakamoto, a brewer of Mishima Shochu “Muku no Kura”. In April 2017, I moved to Kuroshima, a small remote island in Kagoshima Prefecture, to produce and sell sweet potatoes for Shochu “Mishimamura” and Shochu “Mendon”. Sweet potato Shochu has long been loved by many islanders, and the cultivation technique of sweet potatoes, which used to be a staple food, has been passed down to the present day, even though the population is rapidly declining and aging. All of Kuroshima’s life, living in harmony with the pure nature and village culture, is used to produce Shochu. Please try the Shochu made by water, climate and people of Kuroshima.
On March 2020 Kosei Sakamoto, Brewer of Mishima Shochu “Muku no Kura”

Message from the President of the Elderly Association

The sweet potato made from the soil of Kuroshima is very delicious, and when it is made into Shochu, it brings out a beautiful taste and pure fragrance. It is not easy to continue growing crops on the small remote island of Mishima village, but every year we use the wisdom and experience of elderly association and islanders to develop better crops while enjoying them. In order to provide quality sweet potatoes to Muku no Kura, the senior citizens’ association in Kuroshima Osato area will do its best.
On March 2020 Hiromi Miyata, the President of Elderly Association at Osato Area

Message from the President of Hamada Shuzou

In year 2005, I was impressed by their high aspirations when I heard that they wanted to create a village where people can continue to live by making and selling Shochu by themselves using potatoes they grew on their own island. I am honored to have been involved in the construction and production guidance of the 114th Mishima Shochu “Muku no Kura”, which was born last year in the mecca of authentic Shochu “Kagoshima”, and to have been able to share that high aspiration. “Authentic Sweet Potato Shochu – Mimamura” is a mirror reflecting not only Mishima village but also the future creation of Japan’s regional creation. Good luck with their future growth.
On March 2020 Hamada Yuichiro,President of Hamada Shuzou 

Project Members

Elderly Association at Kuroshima Osato Area

Shochu Brewery and Staffs

Sweet potato farmer in Mishima Village and the their farmwork