Mishima Village Town Office in Kagoshima Prefecture keeps your personal information upon your inquiry. We will strictly manage and protect the personal information we have received as follows. Please confirm and understand the contents of this agreement and send your inquiry after you agree.

Purpose of use of personal information in this inquiry and service

1.In response to your inquiry 2.In response to an inquiry about recruitment

Provision to Third Parties

Our company will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the individual concerned, except in accordance with laws and regulations.

Entrustment of the Services

Regarding the dealing of personal information, we may outsource the dealing of information we have received in order to improve our services to our customers and to make our business more appropriate. In the case of outsourcing, we will select outsourcees that fully meet the management standards for the protection of personal information, and work to improve management at a high level by concluding necessary contracts.

Voluntary provision of personal information

Provision of personal information is voluntary in principle. However, if you do not provide your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the relevant information from the Mishima-mura Office in Kagoshima Prefecture.

“Notification of Purpose of Use” “Disclosures” “Correction, addition or deletion” and “Refusal to use or provide” of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

Individuals who provide personal information have the right to request “Notification of Purpose of Use”, “Disclosures”, “Corrections, additions, and deletions”, and “Refusal to use or provide”.

Please contact us at the following address when necessary.

Operator : Settlement Promotion Division, Mishima-mura Office, Kagoshima Prefecture Address  :12-18, Meiyama-cho, Kagoshima 892-0821 TEL:099-222-3141 (Weekday 8:15 – 17:00)